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Welcome to Scott Health Centre!

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Are you searching for natural solutions for your family's health concerns?


Have you educated yourself about your family's health, and need more natural answers? 

Perhaps you have a healthy lifestyle, but life's stresses and emotional burdens take away your energy and motivation.  Maybe you're new to natural health care and need some guidance and encouragement. 

We welcome you to the Scott Health Centre. 

We are a comprehensive Centre, here to provide a variety of safe and effective health care options within one clinic.  We care about the people who use our health services. 

Our team of doctors and practitioners are highly trained and experienced to provide optimal treatment for all your health needs.

  Many of our patients currently benefit from the services of one or more of our practitioners.  Regardless of your health concerns, we will assist you in restoring balance physically, mentally and emotionally. 

Our goal is to empower you to take control of your health.  We are here to assist and support you, using only the most current and effective health care treatments tavailable. 

Since 1962, we have prided ourselves in getting results that not only have exceeded our patients' expectations but also inspired hem to spread the word to others.  We look forward to working together for your health.


The Scott Health Centre Difference 

Serving the Vaughan community and surrounding areas since 1962

Voted by the Vaughan community as Chiropractor and Naturopath of the Year in 2008      (Vaughan  Citizen)

Access to practitioners specializing in different modalities to provide complete alternative health care

On-site homeopathic and naturopathic dispensary

 Our Centre is available to you 6 days per week with extend hours  

 Monthly in-house educational lectures 

 Attentive and friendly staff to assist you in your inquiries   


Are you ready to live your most vibrant, health and empowered life?